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Our Latest Project, Alchemy of Tea, is available on Kickstarter Now! Alchemy of Tea is the First Poster that Depicts Famously Known Tea Recipes Around the World. For more details, click HERE!

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Hi, we just released a tea diagram illustration called "Alchemy of Tea". If you like tea or graphic design, please help reblog! Thank you very much for your help! We would like to express our appreciation by putting your name on our Thank You List as well! Have a Wonderful Day!

Sure :)

Off to Sziget! :)


TARDIS tea infuser!

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Homemade Herbal Medicines for Common Ailments

Simple and safe, homemade herbal medicines can help you heal common ailments on a shoestring.

By Stephen Harrod Buhner

Photo by Jason Houston

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Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes. You helped make it a very happy birthday. Much love.

Happy Birthday!!

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Thank you :)

this is an appropriate cake for me

It’s birthday time!


just purchased…..

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