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So you can take your tea anywhere with you… 

Have you ever seen that novelty tea infuser, the one modelled after a diver's suit? I put some passion fruit-based tea in it, and it looked like the diver is bleeding. :D But the holes are a little big so sometimes the smaller tea leaves come out, so I use my novelty infuser for loose teas that have bigger leaves.

Yeah! I know that one. I had exact the same experience with mine frog infuser  :)


tea time by adlaw on Flickr.

Good morning :) 


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Nature, tea and stuff…

Hi Katarina! What were you doing in Budapest darling? I hope you had a great time here. By the way you're really pretty. :)

Asked by evakiraly

I was at Sziget and it was great! :)

Me at Budapest zoo with cute little sloth.

Photo credits go to blinded-by-nostalgiia


Vegan Green Tea Treats - As Requested!

Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream!

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Vegan Green Tea Treats - As Requested!

Green Tea Tiramisu!

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